press release #4

26 March 2022

Women in discernment and ecclesial decision making at Raíces y Alas

The voice of 15 women leaders

The Latin American Ecclesial Assembly that took place in Mexico City last November was attended by 1,000 participants, 900 virtually and 100 in person. Of the first group, 70 participated from the United States.

The assembly culminated with a summary of the main issues agreed upon by the assembly members. This resulted in the 12 pastoral challenges of the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean, which undoubtedly have an impact on the Hispanic community in the United States, which comes precisely from Latin America.

The third challenge: Women

The third challenge is dedicated to the role of women in the Church and it reads:

“Promote the active participation of women in ministries, government, discernment, and ecclesial decision-making.”

The video published by the Raíces y Alas Congress, entitled “The Voice of Women“, begins with this text, expressed by three assembly members who were present at the meeting in Mexico. 

15 testimonies of women leaders

In it, 15 women with important leadership roles express in short sentences a clear and powerful message about their vision of the Church and the mission of women in leadership.

Some of them are listed below.

Mar Muñoz-Visoso, executive director of the Secretariat for Cultural Diversity in the Church for the Episcopate of the United States, affirms that “women are engineers and architects of bridges to a new era.”

Dr. Emilce Cuda, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America, said that “as a woman I go to Raíces y Alas to dialogue with other women, from other contexts, to know their needs and dreams, and to be able to walk together for our common continent, the Americas.”

Lucineide Barbosa, General Manager of the Cançao Nova Community, said that she is going to “Raíces y Alas because I believe in the strength and leadership that we women have to evangelize the people God has entrusted to us.”

In turn, the vice-president of SIGNIS Latin America and the Caribbean said: “Raíces y Alas, to continue deepening our journey in synodality, with a communication that builds bridges and promotes social justice.”

Sister M. Paula Van Thienen, a Schoenstatt Sister of Mary, motivates us to follow the example of the Mother of Jesus: “like Mary, who was always open to the Holy Spirit, we also want to open our hearts in Raíces y Alas, so that the Congress will be a true experience of Pentecost.”

The video closes with the words of the General Coordinator of the Congress, Elisabeth Román, who expresses that “like Mary, we say yes to the mission of the Church. And that is why we are going to Raíces y Alas. To create bridges to serve in the mission of the Church.”

Registrations closing

The Raíces y Alas Congress will close registration on Wednesday, March 30, due to the maximum capacity of participants reached.

Registration of journalists

Members of the Press: 

We look forward to your presence at this important event for the Church in the United States.
More information can be obtained through our web page:, both in Spanish and English.
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Raíces y Alas Congress
Enrique Soros
Press Contact