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Summary - the Hispanic Family Ministry in the US

The Raices y Alas Program Committee elected to combine the focus of Hispanic family ministry in  conjunction with two other key ministerial areas: evangelization and vocations. What follows is first  a summary of the reality of Hispanic families today. Subsequently, we offer an overview of the  reality of the Hispanic family and its role to evangelize all of its members in the community in which  it abides and acts. Finally, we briefly consider the current state of the family in its role foster the  discernment of vocations in the lives of children and young people.


The Reality of Hispanic Families in the Church

The key strengths of the Hispanic family are as follows:

1. Hispanics are deeply rooted in their sense of family, extended family, community, and  hospitality, which provides fertile ground for families to be domestic churches.

2. It should be recognized that the vast majority of Hispanic families are believers, and their  family faith life is frequently fed through multiple expressions of popular devotions and  religiosity.

3. Parents and grandparents feel the calling to have children and young people receive the  sacraments and be formed in the faith.

Conversely, there are many challenges currently facing Hispanic families today:

1. A challenge regarding the faith of many Hispanic Catholics, who have been raised in  culturally Catholic households and communities, is the lack of a thorough understanding of  the Catholic faith. Many are Catholics by tradition and not by conviction.

2. The lack of understanding among members within the same family is due to: language, and  cultural barriers. Additionally, relationships are weakened due to parents’ work schedules.  Therefore, instead of building relationships between generations, this creates an isolation  mentality or living in silos with little day-to-day relationship building interaction.

3. The impact on mental health, such as depression and anxiety, results in a greater need to  provide resources to cope with grief, loss, and loneliness, as the pandemic has  disproportionately impacted Hispanic families.

4. The significant increase of addictions among Hispanics to alcohol, drugs, pornography,  screen addictions, and domestic violence impacts family dynamics profoundly.

5. Lack of accompaniment: it should also be noted that many Hispanic couples are in irregular  marriages or marriages that are not sacramental. These couples should be accompanied  towards con-validation to fully understand this process and be instructed in the Church’s  teaching regarding marriage. 

6. Lack of proper care for the elderly and the need for the accompaniment of individuals within  the family at all ages and stages of life (intergenerational accompaniment).

7. A significant percentage of Hispanic families in the U.S. Catholic Church are undocumented  or have undocumented family members. Fear of deportation and family separation commonly  experienced by undocumented persons and resulting in financial difficulties are a source of  angst for the undocumented Hispanic family. This reality results in elevated levels of  domestic violence, sexual abuse, addiction, divorce, and separation.

8. Gender theory is negatively affecting many Hispanic families. A number of Hispanic  children and young adults are falling prey to gender ideologies. Gender ideologies often sever  the parent-child and other familial relationships primarily through the widespread net of  social media.

9. Finally, a challenge which has changed our world is the pandemic which has led to the loss of  families and friends consistently gathering and awareness of the need to go to Mass. Also,  playing into this decision is families are concerned about the steps and safety measures that  the Church will take to give the faithful a stronger desire to come back.


The Reality of Evangelization of Hispanic Families

The following are the key challenges in the Evangelization of Hispanic Families:

1. The purpose of catechesis is to form missionary disciples. Different catechetical models  implemented in parishes often do not fulfill these requirements for Hispanic families. 

2. Parents are not prepared to be disciples in the Church or the community: Parents are not  formed and invited to share their personal testimony with their children and others. Parents  then struggle to be the role models in the faith.

3. There is a lack of personal invitation to get others involved and personal mentoring of those  called to participate in different programs, events, etc, that are aimed for families.

4. Religious education and sacramental preparation programs do not provide a transformational  experience for Hispanic families, where they are invited to a personal and communal  encounter with Jesus; to begin an authentic relationship with the Lord.

5. There is an absence of welcoming communities. Unfortunately, there are not enough  personnel or committed volunteers encouraging and inviting others to be involved in the life  of the parish in many instances.


The Reality of Vocations in the Hispanic Family

Vocations and family life ministries are interconnected in their efforts to support the universal call to  holiness in the Hispanic family as well as the efforts to foster vocational commitments of Hispanic  young adults to marriage, the priesthood, and religious life.

The Hispanic family brings many gifts toward promoting vocations:

1. Growing awareness of the need for a Pastoral de Conjunto to promote vocations.

2. Growing commitment from dioceses to support vocations from the Hispanic community.

3. Growing number of formation programs that connect Hispanics to leadership and vocations.

4. Increased support in seminaries where language and culture are affirmed and not isolated.

There are also several challenges in Hispanic families pertaining to vocations:

1. Hispanics neglect to encourage and support vocations in their families mainly because the  meaning of vocations is not clearly understood by parents or articulated to their children. 

2. Growing need to develop effective catechesis and youth ministry for second and third  generation Hispanics that incorporate family life and vocations.

3. Lack of formation about the sacrament of marriage and other vocations to Hispanic families.

4. There is a need to invite young Hispanics to moments of vocational encounter and  discernment. A further challenge exists in nurturing vocations in second-generation  Hispanics

5. Lack of cultural, racial, and language diversity awareness in vocations recruitment efforts.

In sum, there are both gifts and challenges present in the ministry to Hispanic families. Irrespective  of all that keeps Hispanic families from thriving and being fully alive, our role as leaders in this new  epoch is to be a prophetic voice amidst these turbulent times and continue to uplift and help the  Hispanic family in its mission to become what it is: “a community of life and love.”

Family Ministry Team

Team Lead – Jake Samour

• Director, Office of Marriage and Family Life, Diocese of Wichita
• Hispanic rep. for NACFLM, National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministries; member of NACFLM Region IX
• Chairperson for the new Federation of Hispanic Family Ministry

Subgroup Family

– Lead: Ricardo and Lucia Luzondo, Director of Intercultural Ministries, co-founders and Directors of Hispanic Outreach at Marriage Building USA / Construyendo Matrimonios USA, Inc. and cofounders of Family Renewal Ministries, Inc. (Renovación Familiar).
– Julia Dezelski – USCCB Assistant Director, Marriage & Family Life
– Carla Ferrando-Bowling, Director Family Life Office, Archdiocese of Washington
– Eva Gonzalez – Director of Hispanic Ministry, Archdiocese of Louisville, NCADDHM Region V.
– Aurelio Y Radel Guinto – Couples for Christ
– Mike Koley – Foccus, Inc.
– Socorro Truchan – Associate Director Secretariat for Parish Life and Lay Leadership – Domestic Church

Subgroup Vocations

– Lead: Fr. Rafael Capó – Vice President For Mission, St. Thomas University
– Fr. Luke Ballman – Usccb Executive Director Of Secretariat For Clergy, Consecrated Life, And Vocations
– Veronica Lopez Salgado – Communications, Translations And Speaker, Diocese Of Jackson, Ms 
– Mario Y Paola Martinez, Marriage and Family Life Ministry, Diocese Of San Bernardino
– Dania Sanchez – Coordinadora Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, Region X – Dallas, Tx
– Rosalba & Sergio Cardona – National Board Members Movimiento Familiar Cristiano USA (MFCC-USA)

Subgroup Evangelization

– Lead: Kathia Arango – Office of Hispanic Catholics, Archdiocese of Philadelphia 
– Lead: Andres Arango – Bishop’s Delegate For Hispanic Ministry and Director of Evangelization – Diocese of Camden, NJ
– Dulce M. Jimenez – Translator/Editor, Religion Education Consultant
– Tony & Sue Morris – US Ecclesial Team Worldwide Marriage Encounter
– Fr. Tom Ogg – US Ecclesial Team Worldwide Marriage Encounter


Jake Samour - Lead


Jake Samour, M.T.S., has over 25 years of ministry experience. He is oldest of 12 children and is originally from El Salvador. He immigrated to the USA with his family over 40 years ago. He is currently the Director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Wichita, Kansas. Jake received a master’s degree in theology from the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family and is currently working on his Doctorate of Theological Studies. He is the Hispanic Rep for NACFLM and has represented the Association as part of the national team of the V Encuentro process and at present is the Family Team lead for the Raices y Alas Congress planned for next April in Washington, DC. Jake and his wife Ramie have been married over 16 years and have 6 children.



Jake Samour, M.T.S., tiene más de 25 años de experiencia en el ministerio. Es el mayor de 12 hijos y nació en El Salvador. Él inmigró con su familia a los Estados Unidos hace más de 40 años. Actualmente es el Director de la Oficina de la Pastoral para Matrimonios y Vida Familiar en la Diócesis de Wichita, Kansas. Obtuvo su maestría en teología del Instituto Juan Pablo II sobre Estudios de Matrimonio y Familia, y actualmente está estudiando para recibir su Doctorado en Estudios Teológicos. Él es el representante Hispano de la NACFLM y ha sido parte del proceso nacional del V Encuentro y es actualmente el líder del Equipo de Familia para el Congreso Raíces y Alas -abril 2022- para el mes  Abril en Washington DC. Jake y su esposa Ramie tienen más de 16 años de casados y tienen 6 hijos.

Bishop Jorge Rodriguez

Bishop Jorge Rodriguez


Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Denver
Bishop Rodriguez is a Doctor in Sacred Theology by the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome. He was the Dean of the Theology Department of the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome (1994-1997). He has taught Theology at the Pontifical Lateran University, at the Pontifical Institute Regina Mundi and at the Institute for Religious Sciences at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. Associate pastor at Stella Maris parish, in Rome. From 2006 to 2014 he was Vice Rector and Professor at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary of Denver. He was appointed Pastor of Holy Cross Parish in Thornton, CO., in 2014. On November 4, 2016 he was consecrated auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Denver. 


Obispo Auxiliar, Arquidiócesis de Denver
El Obispo Rodriguez es Doctor en Sagrada Teología por la Universidad Pontificia Gregoriana de Roma. Sirvió como Decano del Departamento de Teología del Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum en Roma (1994-1997). Ha dado clases de teología en la Universidad Pontificia Laterana, en el Instituto Pontificio Regina Mundi y en el Instituto de Ciencias Religiosas de la Universidad Pontificia Gregoriana de Roma. Fue nombrado Párroco asociado en la Parroquia Stella Maris, en Roma. Del 2006 a 2014 fue Vicerrector y Profesor en el Seminario de Teología San Juan Vianney. El 4 de noviembre de 2016 fue consagrado como Obispo Auxiliar de la Arquidiócesis de Denver.

Dora-2020-2 (1)

Dora Tobar - Keynote speaker


Dora Tobar – van der Mensbrugghe is Doctor of Dogmatic Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome. During the last years, she has dedicated herself especially to the research and development of formation programs, both for young people and adults, in the mystery of family life and their development as ministers in the Domestic Church. Creator and promotor of the chastity program “The Happy Couple”. Consultant for family pastoral programs at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops such as Co-author of the “Catholic Faith and Family Bible” (Spanish Version. Ed. Verbo Divino).  Author of the material for the formation and accompaniment of spouses and parents called Forming Ministers of God’s Love. Catholic Parenting in the Domestic Church (Loyola Press 2021). Lecturer at national and international level. Current Manager of the Offices of Family Life and Hispanic Ministry at the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana.


Dora Tobar – van der Mensbrugghe. Doctora en Teología por la Pontificia Universidad Gregoriana de Roma. Durante los últimos años se ha dedicado especialmente a la investigación y desarrollo de programas de formación, tanto de jóvenes como de adultos, en el misterio de la vida familiar y la construcción de la Iglesia Doméstica. Diseñó el programa denominado “La Pareja Feliz” y colabora con la página web  para las parejas hispanas de la Conferencia Episcopal de los Estados Unidos: Co-autora de la Biblia para la Familia (Ed. Verbo Divino, 2011). Es autora del material de formación y acompañamiento comunitario de esposos y padres denominado  Formación de Ministros del Amor de Dios. Padres católicos, líderes de la Iglesia Doméstica, publicado recientemente por Loyola Pres.  Conferencista a nivel  nacional e internacional. Actualmente dirige la oficina de Vida Familiar y Ministerio Hispano de La Diócesis de Lafayette en Indiana.


Lucia Baez Luzondo - Panel Moderator


Lucia Baez Luzondo, JD, MA. is co-founder of Family Renewal Ministries. Currently she serves as Director of Hispanic Outreach of the Person and Identity Project, ( of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC. Along with her husband, Dr. Ricardo Luzondo, she co-hosts the television series Creados para amar (Created to Love), which airs on ETWN español, and the weekly live radio program En el día a día con Ricardo y Lucía, that airs on EWTN World Catholic Radio in Spanish. Lucia was co-host of the EWTN Spanish live broadcasts of the World Meeting of Families – Ireland 2018. She has also served as a collaborator in various secretariats of the Conference of Bishops Catholics of the United States. Lucia holds a Juris Doctorate from Stetson University, a Master in Practical Theology and Ministry from Barry University, and a Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida.


Lucia Baez Luzondo, JD, MA. es cofundadora del ministerio Renovación Familiar. Actualmente sirve como directora de Alcance Hispano del Proyecto Persona e Identidad ( del Centro de Ética y Políticas Públicas en Washington DC. Con su esposo el Dr. Ricardo Luzondo, es co-presentadora de la serie televisiva Creados para amar, que se transmite por ETWN español, y del programa radial semanal en vivo, En el día a día con Ricardo y Lucía que se transmite por Radio Católica Mundial. También ha servido como colaboradora en varios secretariados de USCCB. Forma parte del equipo ejecutivo de la Federación Nacional de Pastoral Familiar Hispana en EUA.  Lucía posee un doctorado en Jurisprudencia de la Universidad de Stetson, una maestría en Teología Práctica y Ministerio de la Universidad de Barry y una licenciatura en Administración de Empresas de la Universidad Central de la Florida.

Socorro Truchan - Panelist


Socorro Truchan is the President-elect and Region VI representative on the Board of Directors of NACFLM (National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers). She also serves as a member of NACFLM’s Professional Development Committee, where she has successfully facilitated two Spanish formation sessions per year since 2016. She works for the Diocese of Kalamazoo since November 2013, as the Associate Director for the Secretariat for Parish Life and Lay Leadership – Domestic Church. She has completed graduate work in Pastoral Ministry with an emphasis in the New Evangelization at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, and in bilingual/bicultural education at Eastern Michigan University. She received a BS degree in Administration from Purdue University. She also served as Coordinator for Marriage, Family and Pro-Life in the Archdiocese of Detroit.


Socorro Truchan es la Presidenta-electa y representante de la Región VI en la Mesa Directiva de NACFLM (Asociación Nacional de Ministros Católicos de Vida Familiar). También se desempeña como miembro del Comité de Desarrollo Profesional de NACFLM, donde ha facilitado con éxito dos sesiones de formación en español por año desde 2016. Trabaja para la Diócesis de Kalamazoo desde noviembre de 2013, como Directora Asociada para la Secretaría de Vida Parroquial y Liderazgo Laico – Iglesia Doméstica. Tiene estudios de posgrado en el Ministerio Pastoral con énfasis en la Nueva Evangelización del Seminario Mayor del Sagrado Corazón en Detroit, y trabajo de posgrado en educación bilingüe / bicultural. También recibió una licenciatura en Administración de la Universidad de Purdue. También sirvió como Coordinadora de Matrimonio, Familia y Pro-Vida en la Arquidiócesis de Detroit.

Rev. Rafael Capó - Panelist


Rev. Rafael Capó, Vice President for Mission and Ministry and Dean of Theology at St Thomas University, is a priest of the Archdiocese of Miami, a Missionary of Mercy by appointment of Pope Francis, and National Eucharistic Preacher by appointment of the US Conference of Bishops. He formerly served as director of the Southeast Bishops Office for Hispanic Ministry (SEPI). He participates in all major organizations of Hispanic Ministry and is advisor to La Red National Network of Pastoral Juvenil. He is also is a member of the USCCB World Youth Day Advisory Committee, spiritual director of Camino del Matrimonio apostolic movement in Miami, and the Council on Foreign Relations’ Religion Advisory Committee. He is actively present on social media with an emphasis in ministry to young people calling to fitness of body, mind, and spirit.


Rev. Rafael Capó, Vicepresidente de Misión y Ministerio así como Decano de Teología en St. Thomas University, es sacerdote de la arquidiócesis de Miami, Misionero de la Misericordia por nombramiento del Papa Francisco y Predicador Eucarístico Nacional por nombramiento de la Conferencia de Obispos de EEUU.  Ha sido líder de la pastoral hispana de Estados Unidos habiendo ejercido como director de la Oficina e Instituto de los Obispos del Sureste (SEPI). El P. Rafael es miembro del equipo nacional del V Encuentro de la Pastoral Hispana, del equipo nacional para la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud, es director del movimiento Camino del Matrimonio en Miami y es asesor de la Red Nacional de Pastoral Juvenil (La Red). También está presente en las redes sociales con un énfasis en la pastoral con jóvenes y la salud de espíritu, alma y cuerpo.

Mario Martínez - Panelist


With his wife, Paola, Mario Martinez is the founding co-director of the Office of Marriage and Family Life Ministry at the Diocese of San Bernardino, California. They have been married for over 14 years and have four children.  They have been involved with Marriage and Family Life ministry for most of their married life. In addition, Mario is an evidence-based relationship skills instructor and has been involved in many initiatives that provide hope to couples and families. He is a co-founder of Safe Harbor Catholic Counseling, a non-profit organization that accompanies and offers clinical services to low-income and uninsured parishioners in his home diocese. Mario holds a master’s degree in Applied Psychology from Sacred Heart University, and he is currently a candidate for the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from CalSouthern University.


Con su esposa, Paola, Mario Martínez es el codirector fundador de la Oficina de Pastoral Matrimonial y Familiar en la Diócesis de San Bernardino, California; han estado casados por más de 14 años y tienen cuatro hijos.  Han estado involucrados con el ministerio de matrimonio y vida familiar durante la mayor parte de su vida matrimonial. Además, Mario es instructor de habilidades de relación basadas en evidencia y ha estado involucrado en numerosas iniciativas que brindan esperanza a parejas y familias. Es cofundador de Safe Harbor Catholic Counseling, una organización sin fines de lucro que ofrece servicios clínicos a personas de bajos ingresos y sin seguro medico en su diócesis. Mario obtuvo una maestría en Psicología Aplicada de la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón, y ahora es candidato para el Doctorado en Psicología de la Universidad CalSouthern.

Kathia Arango - Panelist


Kathia is the Director of the Office for Hispanic Catholics in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and President of the National Hispanic Committee for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States and Canada. She is member of the Board of Directors of the National Catholic Association of Diocesan Directors of Hispanic Ministry (NCADDHM). At international level, Kathia is member of the Latin American Charismatic Council representing the United States and Canada. She previously served there as a regional youth representative for North America and the Caribbean. Kathia is originally from Paraguay. She holds a Master’s degree in Theology and a Leadership certificate from the CHARIS Institute for Formation in Rome. Kathia has preached at various national and international retreats and conferences, including the 2015 World Meeting of Families. She is the author of the book, Sean Mis Testigos.


Kathia es la directora de la Oficina para Católicos Hispanos en la Arquidiócesis de Filadelfia, sirve como presidenta del Comité Nacional Hispano de la Renovación Carismática Católica en los Estados Unidos y Canadá y es miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Asociación Nacional Católica de Directores Diocesanos de Ministerio Hispano (NCADDHM). A nivel internacional, Kathia es miembro del Consejo Carismático Católico Latinoamericano representando a Estados Unidos y Canadá, desempeñándose previamente como representante regional juvenil de América del Norte y el Caribe ante el mismo consejo. Kathia posee una Maestría en Teología y realizó un diplomado en liderazgo en el Instituto de Formación de CHARIS en Roma.  Kathia está dedicada a la evangelización, siendo oradora en varios retiros y conferencias a nivel nacional e internacional, incluyendo el Encuentro Mundial de las Familias, Filadelfia 2015. Kathia es la autora del libro Sean Mis Testigos.

Andrés Arango - Panelist


Andrés is the bishop’s delegate for Hispanic ministry and director of evangelization for the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey. Currently, he is the president of the Latin-American Catholic Charismatic Council (CONCCLAT) and member of the International Service of Communion for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CHARIS) based in the Vatican, representing North America and the Caribbean. Andrés has served as a consultant to the USCCB Subcommittee on Hispanic Affairs and member of the National Team of the V Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry. Andrés holds a Master’s degree in Theological Studies and has spoken at various conferences nationally and internationally. Andrés is the author of the books “Catholic Charismatic Renewal: A Current of Grace”, “Be my Witness” and “Spirituality and Prayer: A Guide to Talk to God and Live Like Jesus”.


Andrés es el Delegado del Obispo para el Ministerio Hispano y Director de Evangelización en la Diócesis de Camden, Nueva Jersey. Actualmente, es el Presidente de CONCCLAT (Consejo Católico Carismático Latinoamericano) y miembro del Consejo de CHARIS (Servicio Internacional de la Renovación Carismática Católica) basado en el Vaticano, representando a Norte América y el Caribe. Andrés ha servido como consultor del Subcomité de Asuntos Hispanos de la USCCB (Conferencia Estadounidense de Obispos Católicos) y miembro del Equipo Nacional del V Encuentro de Ministerio Hispano. Andrés tiene una Maestría en Estudios Teológicos y ha predicado en varios retiros y conferencias a nivel nacional e internacional. Es el autor de los libros Sean Mis Testigos; Renovación Carismática Católica: Una Corriente de Gracia; Espiritualidad y Oración: Una Guía para Hablar con Dios y Vivir como Jesús.

Carla Ferrando-Bowling


Carla Ferrando-Bowling is the Director of the Office for Family Life in the Archdiocese of Washington. Carla is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian and holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family with the University of Navarra-Spain, a Certification in Marriage & Family Life from the University of St. Paul in Arequipa- Peru and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Carla has more than 20 years serving in the pastoral ministry and is an national and international presenter on marriage and family life topics and an active member of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM)


Carla Ferrando-Bowling es la Directora de la Oficina para la Vida Familiar en la Arquidiócesis de Washington. Carla habla español, inglés, francés e italiano y tiene una Maestría en Matrimonio y Familia con la Universidad de Navarra-España, una Certificación en Matrimonio y Vida Familiar con la Universidad de St. Paul en Arequipa-Perú y una Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas.

Carla tiene más de 20 años sirviendo en el ministerio pastoral y es presentadora nacional e internacional en temas de evangelización, matrimonio y vida familiar y participa activamente en la Asociación Nacional de Ministros Católicos de Vida Familiar (NACFLM).

Ed Hopfner

Ed Hopfner


Ed Hopfner has been the director of Marriage and Family Life for the Archdiocese of San Francisco since 2013; before that he held a similar position in the Diocese of Oakland, from 2008 – 2013.  He earned a master’s degrees in chemistry before moving to Berkeley and earning an MA in Theology from the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology.  Ed has taught chemistry and mathematics at the high school and community college levels, taught English in Japan while studying Japanese, and has lived and studied Spanish in Mexico.  Since 2001, Ed has led workshops and trained teachers for the Catherine of Siena Institute, an organization devoted to implementing the teachings of Vatican II on the mission of the laity.  He has also led workshops in English and Spanish on lay formation and parish governance, and taught classes and conducted study groups and workshops on Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, in both English and Spanish. 


Ed Hopfner es el Director de la oficina de Matrimonio y Vida Familiar para la Arquidiócesis de San Francisco desde 2013. Anteriormente fue Director de la Oficina de Vida Familiar en la Diócesis de Oakland, desde el 2008 hasta el 2013. Obtuvo una Maestría en Química con la Universidad de Berkeley y una Maestría en Teología del Colegio Dominico de Filosofía y Teología.  Desde el 2001, Ed ha conducido talleres y entrenado maestros para el Instituto Santa Caterina de Siena, organización dedicada a implementar las enseñanzas del 2º Concilio Vaticano sobre la misión de los laicos. También ha dictado talleres en inglés y español para la formación de laicos y gobierno de  parroquias, y ha conducido grupos de estudio sobre le Teología del Cuerpo del Papa San Juan Pablo II, en inglés y español.