& Vision

Promoting advocacy, education, networking, and leadership development since 1991

The National Catholic Council for Hispanic Ministry (NCCHM) is a national organization that provides a network and forum for the religious, social, professional and civic advancement of Roman Catholic Hispanics in the United States. NCCHM is the vehicle for communication, reflection, dialogue, networking, and collaboration among national and regional ministerial/professional organizations, institutes, movements, and religious congregations, and lay leaders. NCCHM furthers the empowerment of Hispanics in both church and society by identifying, convoking, and developing leadership among member organizations and their constituencies.

To achieve its mission NCCHM has established goals that include:

  • Providing a forum for reflection on the status of Hispanics/Latinos in church and society at the regional and national levels.
  • Being a network for mutual support and collaboration among religious, professional, and civic organizations serving Latino Communities.
  • Promoting wider participation of Hispanic, especially youth and young adults, in church and society.
  • Doing advocacy on behalf of Latinos in the area of human rights and working in collaboration with like-minded associations.
  • Promoting the articulation of theological, pastoral and social issues and concerns to Hispanics through forums, workshops, research, and publications.

Access NCCHM 25th Anniversary book published in 2016 and written by Carmen F. Aguinaco, former NCCHM President (2007-2014).