Priority Pastoral Juvenil Hispana

Pastoral Juvenil: Prophetic Voices, Protagonists of Hope

The Virgin Mary, with her yes given to God as a young girl, became God’s instrument for the incarnation of the Son, in history and for the salvation of humanity (Lk 1:26-35). Pope Francis tells us that “true youth means having a heart capable of loving” (CV 13), and “youth is an original and stimulating stage of life, which Jesus himself experienced, thereby sanctifying it” (CV 22). 

The preferential option for young people has the potential to revitalize the Church in this country by ensuring that the entire Church community values, supports, and devotes a significant proportion of its time, human, and financial resources to the young people in the Church. In the United States, more than half of the young people in the Catholic Church is Latino and ministering to them should be a priority, both for what it implies for the lives of this substantial number of young people and for its impact on the future of the Church.

Over the years, evidence suggests that young people are the best evangelizers of other young people, under the guidance of experienced adults. By promoting the protagonism of young people in “peer-to-peer” evangelization, they respond to their baptismal vocation and multiply the action of pastoral agents. Pastoral ministers cannot reach all the places where young people gather, study, and work. (1)

Formation and accompaniment 

In Pastoral Juvenil, we provide formation and pastoral accompaniment to Spanish-speaking and bilingual young people during their adolescence and youth, until they marry or reach 30 years of age. This ministry takes shape in two main modalities: parish youth and young adult groups and ecclesial youth and young adult movements; both include members from different socioeconomic classes, immigration status, and levels of academic preparation and faith formation. There are also specialized ministries for Latino young adults in schools and universities, as well as for young people at high risk, incarcerated, and with diverse physical and mental needs, whether they are believers or non-believers. 

We must pay attention to the life transitions of youth. It is necessary to create itineraries that favor the transition from youth ministry to young adult ministry, and from pastoral juvenil to young married couples or to adult ministry. It is particularly urgent that, after receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, there be continuity in faith formation and pastoral experience. Some ecclesial movements offer the possibility of continuing a journey of human, Christian, and spiritual formation as adults, which should also be common in all parishes. 

Youth Ministry (adolescent years) and Pastoral Juvenil

The presence of Youth Ministry and Pastoral Juvenil with young Latinos in the parish is fundamental for them to feel welcomed in the Church and to mobilize the youth in each diocese of the country. It is urgent to offer them a continuous human, Christian, and missionary formation, and support in their vocational discernment. We invite all lay leaders, religious, deacons, and priests to spend time listening to young people, to encourage and accompany them. It is vital to create spaces where they can gather as a small community of faith and invite them to serve in different ministries, considering pastoral juvenil itself as a ministry.

Young Adult Ministry and Pastoral Juvenil

Young Adult Ministry and Pastoral Juvenil, besides helping young adults to grow in their faith and spirituality, as well as to work together for the Kingdom of God, is very enriching for the ecclesial community. This ministry is a seedbed for religious vocations, priestly vocations, and vocations to the professional lay apostolate. The experiences, knowledge, and commitment of young adults are very valuable as leaders in youth ministry (with adolescents). 

Adult Ministry and catechesis are enriched when they include jóvenes who have grown up in a path of formation and mission thanks to pastoral juvenil. We call for special attention to be given to young couples, who miss sharing the faith with their peers and often lack the support of mature families in the parish or ecclesial movements.

School and Campus Ministry

School and Campus Ministry in schools, colleges and universities needs to take into account the realities of the academic world and the urgent needs of Hispanic/Latino students. The presence of pastoral agents and programs suitable for Hispanics/Latinos varies greatly in Catholic institutions and is often lacking or nonexistent in the public institutions attended by the majority of Hispanic/Latino college students. The National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, LaRED, is committed to promoting and supporting Hispanic/Latino campus ministry, which requires immediate attention.

We invite parish communities to ask the Holy Spirit for the necessary gifts to extend their outreach to nearby public universities. Communities that have experience in this type of apostolate can share with others resources, experiences, and challenges met so that all of us in the Church can ensure that Hispanic/Latino young people feel supported during the difficult years of higher education. Pastoral centers in Catholic universities can collaborate with parishes and ecclesial movements to help them discover and learn how to carry out this type of apostolate, which is so necessary for students, as well as for the impact it will have on young people who will hold positions of responsibility in their adult life.

We recognize that many young Hispanics/Latinos are preparing for the workforce in trade and employment programs outside of a college or university. We must be sure to invite them to be part of young adult communities.

Ecclesial Movements

Ecclesial movements are an abundant source of inspiration and new and necessary initiatives. In many cases they have succeeded in bringing people closer to the Church; people who ministers and religious have not been able to reach. The apostolate of the laity – be it in the parish or in ecclesial movements – is enriched when it works with jóvenes. We invite you to adopt the conclusions of the First National Encounter for Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry (2006) that are still valid to guide your efforts at the local, diocesan, regional and national levels.

Prophetic Voices

The V Encuentro process (2018) identified new expectations and included recommendations for leadership formation, specific attention to young Latinas at all levels of the Church, as well as for the promotion of vocational discernment and ongoing formation for growth in faith. During the V National Encuentro, we were all deeply touched by the unprecedented experience where jóvenes were able to dine at the same table with the bishops, who listened to them attentively and encouraged them with their pastoral words. In a totally spontaneous gesture, the young people at one table extended their hands to pray for the bishop who was with them. Little by little, at each table the young people prayed for their bishops, bearing witness that the same Holy Spirit encourages young people and pastors to join in the same mission. We encourage all faith communities to allow themselves to be surprised by the Holy Spirit: when we make room at the table for the youth, young people bless us with their talents, gifts, and generosity. 

Attentive to the initiatives of the Holy Spirit, LaRED begins a “Decade for Pastoral Juvenil 2020-2030 – Proyecto Juvenil Hispano”. This project responds to the recommendations of the V Encuentro, to the listening process and accompaniment of the National Dialogue among organizations that serve young people in the country, to the XV Synod of Bishops focused on young people, and to Christus Vivit, the first apostolic exhortation of a pope addressed to young people. It is a great opportunity and blessing to journey together in pastoral de conjunto.   

With Mary as a model of listening, accompaniment, and mission, we invite young people and pastoral agents to a constant spiritual renewal in order to live out the Gospel as witnesses of Jesus Christ in everyday life. In a spirit of synodality, from our particular communities, we will provide concrete answers to transform the reality in which we live and support each other in our journey towards our temporal and eternal destiny.

(1) Ref. Christus Vivit 174, 203, 210, 219; Evangelii Gaudium, 120; Christifideles Laici, 46; Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Apostolicam Actuositatem, 12.


Pastoral Juvenil Hispana Team

Adriana Visoso

Adriana Visoso - Lead


Adriana Visoso is president of LaRED, “The National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana”, an organization that promotes, supports, and accompanies missionary discipleship and pastoral de conjunto among Hispanic youth ministers and leaders. She has more than 30 years of experience in Pastoral Juvenil and since 1999 has been facilitating courses in different dioceses in the United States and Mexico with Instituto Fe y Vida, where she worked as Associate Director of Leadership Programs and continues to be part of the national team of formators. 

Adriana serves as a consultant to the USCCB Working Group on Youth and Young Adults and represents LaRED in different national projects and initiatives such as VEYAHLI, Journeying Together and RWI. She currently works as the National Leadership Formation Coordinator in the National Migrant Ministry office in the Archdiocese of Chicago. 

Adriana is originally from Puebla, Mexico, and has lived in this country since 1989. Her heart and vocation are education and ministry.


Adriana Visoso es presidenta de LaRED, “The National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana”, una organización que promueve apoya y acompaña el discipulado misionero y la pastoral de conjunto entre los responsables y líderes de la pastoral juvenil hispana. Cuenta con más de 30 años de experiencia en Pastoral Juvenil y desde 1999 facilita cursos en diferentes diócesis de Estados Unidos y México con el Instituto Fe y Vida, donde trabajó como directora Asociada de Programas de Liderazgo y continúa siendo parte del equipo de formadores nacional.

Adriana sirve como consultora del “USCCB Working Group on Youth and Young Adults” y representa a LaRED en diferentes proyectos e iniciativas nacionales como VEYAHLI, Journeying Together y Raíces y Alas. Actualmente trabaja como Coordinadora Nacional de Formación de Liderazgo en la oficina de Pastoral Migratoria Nacional en la Arquidiocesis de Chicago. 

Adriana es originaria de Puebla, México, vive en este país desde 1989. Su corazón y vocación son la educación y el ministerio.

Benito Medrano

Benito Medrano - Panel Moderator


Benito Medrano is the Young Adult Ministry coordinator for the Diocese of Orange, CA.  Previously, he worked for the Office of Formation and Evangelization in the Diocese of Fresno as Hispanic and Youth and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator which included ministry to migrant communities and Spanish-speaking apostolic movements.  He has also served in the leadership team of Region XI’s Committee on Pastoral Juvenil, and as interim member-at-large in the executive board of LaRED, the National Catholic Network of Pastoral Juvenil Hispana. 

Benito was born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico and came to California at the age of 15 with his parents and four siblings where he studied Religious Studies. 


Benito Medrano es el coordinador del Ministerio de Jóvenes Adultos de la Diócesis de Orange, CA.  Anteriormente, trabajó para la Oficina de Formación y Evangelización en la Diócesis de Fresno como Coordinador de la Pastoral Juvenil y de Adultos Jóvenes, que incluía el ministerio a las comunidades de migrantes y los movimientos apostólicos de habla hispana.  También ha servido en el equipo de liderazgo del Comité de Pastoral Juvenil de la Región XI, y como miembro interino de la junta ejecutiva de LaRED, la Red Católica Nacional de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana. 

Benito nació y creció en Guanajuato, México, y llegó a California a la edad de 15 años con sus padres y cuatro hermanos, donde estudió Ciencias Religiosas. 


Antonio Guzmán - Panelist


Hispanic Ministry Coordinator – Office of Cultural Ministries – Department of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship – Archdiocese of Detroit –


Coordinador del Ministerio Hispano – Oficina de Ministerios Culturales – Departamento de Evangelización y Discipulado Misionero – Arquidiócesis de Detroit.

Cuquis Romero

Cuquis Romero - Panelist


I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 

I belong to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and currently work at St. Patrick’s Church; my position is Youth Director/Youth Minister. I started being part of the young adult group of this parish and I have been involved in youth ministry for 15 years.


Nací en Guadalajara, Jalisco México. Pertenezco a la Arquidiócesis de Indianápolis. Actualmente trabajo en la iglesia de San Patricio. Mi posición es Youth Director/Pastoral Juvenil. Inicié siendo parte del grupo de jóvenes adultos de esta parroquia y hoy tengo ya 15 años involucrada en el ministerio de jóvenes.

Jose Matos Auffant

José Matos Auffant - Panelist


Jose Matos Auffant, Minister for Spiritual Development at St. Mary’s University, San Antonio TX.


José Matos Auffant, Ministro de Desarrollo Espiritual de la Universidad St. Mary, San Antonio TX.

Sor M. Laura Lissette Garcia-Colon

Sor M. Laura Lissette Garcia-Colon OP - Panelist


A native of Puerto Rico, she is a first year Junior Sister of the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, whose motto is “Bringing Christ to the Family and the Family to Christ. She is currently on mission at Our Lady of Victory Parish in Paris Tx. as Youth Ministry Coordinator and with other pastoral areas involving families. She is also the Vocation Promoter for her congregation for the Diocese of Tyler TX.


Sor M. Laura Lissette Garcia-Colon OP es Natural de Puerto Rico, es Junior de primer Año de la congregación de las Hermanas Dominicas de Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario de Fátima, que lleva como lema “Llevar a Cristo a La Familia y la Familia a Cristo. Actualmente se encuentra misionando en la Parroquia Nuestra Sra. De la Victoria en Paris Tx como Coordinadora del Ministerio Juvenil y con otras áreas pastorales que envuelven a las familias. También es Promotora Vocacional de su congregación para la Diócesis de Tyler TX.

Margarita Jimenez

Margarita Jiménez


Margarita Jimenez, married, four children. Originally from Jalisco, Mexico. Member of Youth for Christ. President of the movement since 2017. She belongs to Sacred Heart Parish, Diocese of San Bernardino.


Margarita Jimenez, casada, cuatro hijos, originaria de Jalisco México. Miembro de Jóvenes para Cristo desde hace 25 años. Es presidente de la institución desde 2017. Pertenece a la parroquia Sagrado Corazón de la diócesis de San Bernardino.

Fr. Gerson Espinosa

Fr. Gerson Espinosa Velasco


I am Father Gerson Espinosa Velasco, a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Monterey in California. I was born in Cali, Colombia in 1989, and I was ordained as a priest on June 7 of 2019. I got a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Mt. Angel Seminary, and a Master of Divinity from St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo. 

I was assigned as an associate pastor at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Seaside California in 2019, and I was also appointed as the Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry and Young Adults in 2020. I like to watch movies, listen to music, dancing, and travel with family and friends. 

Some of my dreams are to become a pastor in a beautiful community and teacher in a Catholic School. I am also studying Digital Communication, so I hope to build a creative and dynamic digital platform to evangelize the youth and young adults in my Diocese.


Soy el Padre Gerson Espinosa Velasco, sacerdote católico de la Diócesis de Monterey en California. Nací en Cali, Colombia en 1989, y me ordené como sacerdote el 7 de junio de 2019. Obtuve una licenciatura en Filosofía y Estudios Religiosos en el Seminario del Monte Ángel, y una Maestría en Divinidad en el Seminario de San Juan en Camarillo. 

Fui asignado como párroco asociado en la Iglesia Católica San Francisco Javier en Seaside California en 2019, y también fui designado como Director Diocesano de Ministerio Juvenil y Jóvenes Adultos en 2020. Me gusta ver películas, escuchar música, bailar y viajar con la familia y amigos. 

Algunos de mis sueños son ser párroco en una hermosa comunidad y profesor en una Escuela Católica. También estoy estudiando Comunicación Digital, por lo que espero construir una plataforma digital creativa y dinámica para evangelizar a los jóvenes y jóvenes adultos de mi diócesis.

Yazmín Maní Malone

Yazmín Maní Malone


Yazmín Maní Malone has been involved with Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, Hispanic youth and young adult ministry, since February 2005.  She’s held different leadership roles as a committed lay person then, worked for a parish as director of religious education and youth minister.  Currently, serves as coordinator of PJH for the Diocese of Austin. Additionally, she was selected to be the secretary for LaRED (National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana). Her master’s degree is in Sociology from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. Besides her pastoral background, Yazmin worked in prevention education on use and abuse of drugs and substances as a chemical dependency counselor interim.  Yazmin is in gratitude with God for her marriage, family and service to Pastoral Juvenil Hispana.


Yazmín Maní Malone ha estado involucrada con la Pastoral Juvenil Hispana, ministerio de jóvenes adolescentes y jóvenes adultos hispanos, desde febrero del 2005.  Llevando roles de liderazgo como laica comprometida después, como directora de educación religiosa y ministro para adolescentes en una parroquia.  Actualmente, sirve como coordinadora de la PJH para la Diócesis de Austin.  También, fue seleccionada para ser la secretaria de LaRED (National Catholic Network de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana).  Su maestría es en Sociología de la Universidad de Texas State, en San Marcos, TX.  Aparte de experiencia pastoral, Yazmin también trabajó en educación preventiva de uso y abuso de drogas y sustancias como interina a consejería y dependencia química.  Yazmin está agradecida con Dios por su matrimonio, familia y servicio a la Pastoral Juvenil Hispana.

Juan Pablo Padilla

J. Pablo Padilla


J. Pablo Padilla es Coordinador de la Office of Young Adult Engagement y Pastoral Juvenil para la Arquidiócesis de Chicago. El ministerio con jóvenes adultos es su pasión, y esta eternamente agradecido por sus orígenes en la Pastoral Juvenil. J. Pablo tiene estudios étnicos de Glendale College en California y Filosofía de la Universidad Intercontinental de la Ciudad de México. Su experiencia consiste en organización comunitaria desde las plataformas Cívicas y en el ámbito de la Fe. Sus pasatiempos incluyen las bellas artes, música y senderismo.


J. Pablo Padilla is Coordinator for the Office of Young Adult Engagement of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Young Adult Ministry is his passion, and he is eternally thankful for his Pastoral Juvenil origins. J. Pablo studied Ethnic Studies at Glendale College near Los Angeles and Philosophy at the Universidad Intercontinental in Mexico City. His background is in Civic and Faith Based Community Organizing. Among his hobbies are the fine arts, music, and hiking.

Carmen María Cervantes, EdD


Dr. Cervantes is a cofounder and executive director of Instituto Fe y Vida, a Lasallian institute dedicated to “Empowering young Latinos for leadership in Church and society,” through a Leadership Formation System, biblical ministry, pastoral publications, research, advocacy, and collaboration with other institutions.

Carmen has extensive experience in program development, particularly with Latino young people, catechists, and parents. She is the general editor the commentaries in two Bibles: La Biblia Católica para Jóvenes, now in the hands of over 1.5 million young people and translated into Italian and Portuguese, and La Biblia Católica para la Fe y la Vida, for adults, particularly for parents and catechists. She has published more than 20 pastoral books, many of them bilingual.

She holds a master’s degree in sociocultural anthropology, a doctorate in education, and advanced courses in Scriptures, catechesis, and pastoral ministry. She has received three honorary doctorates from Catholic universities and numerous awards from national organizations for her service to the Church. 


La Dra. Cervantes es cofundadora y directora ejecutiva del Instituto Fe y Vida, un instituto lasallista dedicado a capacitar a los jóvenes latinos para el liderazgo en la Iglesia y la sociedad, a través de un sistema de formación de líderes, pastoral bíblica, publicaciones pastorales, investigación y colaboración con otras instituciones.


Carmen tiene amplia experiencia en el desarrollo de programas, particularmente con jóvenes latinos, catequistas y padres de familia. Es editora general de los comentarios de dos biblias: La Biblia Católica para Jóvenes, actualmente en manos de más de 1,5 millones de jóvenes y traducida al italiano y al portugués, y La Biblia Católica para la Fe y la Vida, para adultos, particularmente para padres de familia, agentes de pastoral juvenil y catequistas. Ha publicado más de 20 libros de pastoral, muchos de ellos bilingües.


Tiene un máster en antropología sociocultural, un doctorado en educación y cursos avanzados en Sagrada Escritura, catequesis y pastoral. Ha recibido tres doctorados honoríficos de universidades católicas y numerosos premios de organizaciones nacionales por su servicio a la Iglesia.

Juan José Rodríguez


Graduated in Medical Sciences with specialization in Neurology. Since 1995 he has been Regional Coordinator of the Southeast (30 dioceses) for Hispanic Youth Ministry. Professor of the SEPI Schools of Ministry since 1997 on the topics of Ecclesiology, History of the Universal Church, History of the Church in the USA, Science-Faith Relations, and Bioethics. Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry with Hispanics from Barry University in Florida in 2005. Graduated of the NDDI (New Diocesan Director Institute), Washington, DC. Member of the Board of Directors of the National Network of Hispanic Youth Ministry as secretary for two consecutive periods. Recipient of the Mario Vizcaíno Award granted by the National Network of PJH. Representative of SEPI in the Latin American Network of Centers and Institutes of PJ and representative of the same at CELAM.




Graduado de Ciencias Médicas con especialización en Neurología. Desde 1995 Coordinador Regional del Sureste (30 diócesis) para la Pastoral Juvenil Hispana. Profesor de las Escuelas de Ministerio del SEPI desde 1997 en los temas de Eclesiología, Historia de la Iglesia Universal, Historia de la Iglesia en EE. UU. Relaciones Ciencia-Fe y Bioética. Graduado de Maestría en Ministerio Pastoral con los Hispanos por la Universidad de Barry en la Florida en 2005. Graduado del NDDI (New Diocesan Director Institute), Washington, DC. Miembro de la Junta Directiva de la Red Nacional de Pastoral Juvenil Hispana como secretario por dos períodos consecutivos. Recipiente del Premio Mario Vizcaíno que otorga la Red Nacional de PJH. Representante del SEPI en la Red Latinoamericana de Centros e Institutos de PJ y representante de la misma ante el CELAM.

Armando M. Cervantes


Armando M. Cervantes is a taco-eating, menudo-loving, eater of all foods, he loves to dance and share stories from his Mexican-American second-generation perspective. He was first in his family to graduate from a university – receiving two masters degrees – one in Pastoral Theology and an Executive MBA. He has over 20 years of professional experience serving in various ministries and accompanying Catholics of all ages.   

Currently he is the Director de Youth & Young Adult Ministry y de Ministerio Hispano from the Diocese of Orange. Additionally he presents and serves on various teams and committees nationally and internationally with parishes, dioceses, organizations and religious orders. He loves sharing and talking about Christ, faith, the youth and young adults, strategy, organizational leadership, social media, marketing, evangelization and intercultural competency. Lastly, but most importantly Armando lives with his wife Cecilia and their almost three year old Camila in Orange, California.


Armando M. Cervantes es un come-tacos, come-menudo, come-de-todo, amante de música y el baile, un cuentacuentos de su experiencia como un mexicano-americano primero de su familia en graduarse de la universidad. Actualmente cuenta con dos Maestrías, una de Administración de Empresas y una Teología Pastoral. Tiene más de 20 años de experiencia profesional sirviendo en varios ministerios y acompañando a católicos de todas las edades.  

Actualmente es el Director de Youth & Young Adult Ministry y de Ministerio Hispano para la Diócesis de Orange. Adicionalmente presenta y sirve en varias mesas y comités nacionales e internacionales con parroquias, diócesis, organizaciones y órdenes religiosas. Le encanta compartir y hablar de Cristo, la fe, los jóvenes, estrategia, organización, redes sociales, mercadeo, evangelización y capacidad intercultural.  Por último y como rol más importante, Armando vive con su esposa Cecilia y su hija Camila de casi tres añitos en la cuidad de Orange, California.

Darius A. Villalobos


Darius A. Villalobos serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion for the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM). He previously served in the Archdiocese of Chicago in a variety of ministry roles, including youth ministry, young adult ministry, evangelization, and catechesis. He currently serves on the National Advisory Team for Young Adult Ministry of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and as a founding board member of the National Institute for Ministry with Young Adults. He was born and raised in Chicago and is a graduate of DePaul University where he received his bachelor’s degree in English and Catholic Studies. Darius is a Bernardin Scholar at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago in the Master of Arts in Intercultural Ministry program. He has served as a parish RCIA director, liturgical music minister, retreat director, catechist, and youth minister.



Darius Villalobos sirve como director de asociaciones estratégicas y diversidad, equidad e inclusión de la National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM). Sirvió en la Arquidiócesis de Chicago en una variedad de roles ministeriales, incluido el ministerio juvenil, el ministerio de adultos jóvenes y la catequesis. Se graduó de la Universidad DePaul en Chicago y es erudito del programa Bernardin en la Catholic Theological Union()CTU). Se ha desempeñado como director parroquial de RICA, ministro de música litúrgica, director de retiros, catequista y ministro de jóvenes.

Hno. Diego Díaz, SCJ

Ministro religioso del Servicio Social Sacred Hearth Southern Mission, Walls, MS,

Krystell Castillo Aragón

Hispanic Youth and Pastoral Juvenil Coordinator – Diocese of Birmingham

Paul Jarzembowski

Youth and Young Adult Ministries – USCCB –

Roberto D. Navarro

Senior Director of US Church Engagement – CRS –

Sponsors del café en el salón de la década

USCCB Secretariats of:  
– Catholic Education   
– Cultural Diversity in the Church 

USCCB Secretariats of:  
– Evangelization and Catechesis
-Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth

Pastoral Juvenil


Pastoral Priority Prayer and Opening (15 min)


Official Prayer


Official Theme Song 

  • Saint:Bl. Carlo Acutis, Bl Sandra Sabattini


  • Scripture: “No digas que eres muy joven…” (Jer. 1, 7-9) 


Pastoral Priority – Panel on Context and Realities (60 min)


Pastoral Juvenil Hispana fosters a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and offers a community where youth, and single young adults find the support for developing their God-given gifts. Gathered and sent according to their age level, social location, and life situation, young Hispanic Catholics are protagonists in the evangelization mission of the Church, particularly among their peers, guided by pastoral leaders. They walk together as members of the People of God, of which they are an integral part today and for the future.  Pastoral Juvenil Hispana moves with ideals to assist one another, overcome difficulties, and work to transform society and the world with Gospel values. Our young people are protagonists of hope, developing as human beings and growing in mind, and spirit while discerning God’s call for the common good. 



Moderador: Benito Medrano


  • Sor M. Laura Lissette Garcia OP – Importance of community in the formation of youth and young adults
  • Antonio Guzman – Importance of support and investment in PJH at all levels  
  • María Romero (Cuquis) – Importance of differentiating between ages and life stages 
  • José Julián Matos Auffant – Importance of meeting young people where they are, assist in transitions


Group Dialogues (60 min)


Breakout Room 1 – Formation of young people in community 


Pastoral Juvenil Hispana offers a community to counter the prevailing mentality of individualism, fostering a “We Lead” environment vs.“I Lead” paradigm.  Sinodality is the way to form youth and young adults in a culture of encuentro that is a real antidote to the culture of disposability and superficial individualism. 

  • Benito Medrano

·       Sor M. Laura Lissette Garcia OP





Breakout Room 2 – Nurture Faith in Action


Pastoral Juvenil Hispana moves youth and young adults to live out the joy of the Gospel as missionary disciples in solidarity with those who suffer injustice, working for the betterment of the community and engaged in society and Church.  We encourage young people to pray, work, study, celebrate, and learn valuable lessons for life when putting their faith into action. Hands-on leadership development through adequate liturgical, biblical and spiritual formation, together with practical skills and intellectual exercise are essential for integrated growth. 

  • José Julián Matos Auffant
  • Margarita Jimenez


Breakout Room 3 – Spiritual accompaniment of youth and young adults (Parish Reality)


As baptized, we are all called to assist in the accompaniment of young people in the Church.  While not everyone will feel called to do so in a direct way, we are all responsible for this important aspect of growing deeper in the virtues of Jesus Christ.  At all levels we can identify, form, and support pastoral leaders with a healthy spiritual life capable of walking with young people in the youth groups, at the parish, in campus ministry, through ecclesial movements. 

  • Fr. Gerson Espinosa Velasco
  • Yazmin Maní



Breakout Room 4 – Spiritual accompaniment of youth and young adults (Other realities). Ecclesial Movements, Campus Ministry, at-risk youth and young adults, etc.


·       Sr. Silvia Patricia Nava Muñoz

·       Juan Pablo Padilla


Congress Assembly Following Group Dialogues (30 min) 


Share 2-3 major reflections or points per workshop that emerged from the group dialogues and discernment.  Present brief wrap up of what was heard and stood out in each dialogue. 

  • Adriana Visoso